FCS II Rob Machado PC Twin + Stabiliser Fins

From $169.95

    FCS II Rob Machado PC Twin + Stabiliser Fins offers the speed and turning freedom of a twin set up, with control added by an oversized stabiliser. 2/3 twin and 1/3 thruster, the RM Twin + 1 is a versatile set that’s adaptable across multiple board models and surf conditions.


    The side fins have a neutral sweep angle (Performer Family) and a slim outline from base to tip. In comparison to other twin templates the side fins are also undersized. The stabiliser, which has a high degree of sweep (Carver Family), is oversized to compensate and add to the combined surface area of the set.


    Adaptable across super twin models, hybrids and performance shapes, the RM Twin + 1 offers the foundations of the thruster (predictability & control) with the looseness and tail release that’s closer to the feel of a twin.

    “The intention was to bridge the gap between a tri and twin setup. Speed, coupled with a loose feeling in the tail and an underlying feeling of control when carving a turn, is what this set is all about”.


    Performance Core (PC) with bamboo inlay allows us to achieve a light and super responsive fin with a unique aesthetic that ties back to Rob’s Firewire models.

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