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Nimble and fast are not the words you would expect to hear when describing a mid length, but it’s something we’ve come to expect. The ExpR.ess is a design by our very own Rick Hamon and is a hybrid mid length that gives you the option to ride it as a single or a twin, depending on the conditions and the approach you want to take.

With this board you’re ready to paddle out in all conditions from knee high to well overhead. Mellow rocker, pulled in pin tail, and a single to double to vee all complement the versatility of this board. Surf it as a twin and it will deliver tight arcs and the speed you need to connect sections.

As a single fin you can enjoy carving turns and off the bottom grunt. But ultimately, it provides every go out with a level of enjoyment that’s hard to equal with a single board. There are no restrictions to this versatile board.

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