rusty deuce surfboard
rusty deuce surfboard being surfed by noel salas
rusty deuce surfboard
rusty deuce surfboard

The Deuce

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"If you are a Thruster guy and new to the Twin Fin game, then you will freak on the speed, drive, hold, and pivot The Deuce offers." - Noel Salas

The Deuce is a collaboration between Rusty and Noel Salas of Surf n’ Show. The Deuce is a user-friendly, high-performance Twin Fin that engages the rail easily. Designed and tested to suit back-foot, neutral, and front-footed surfers. The Deuce features Rapid Entry single concave for increased speed with a wide point 1” back from the center of the board to promote pivot. The single concave transitions to a hooked vee between the fins for increased rail engagement. Vee and exit rocker increases behind the fins for tight turns and maneuverability. The single winged swallow tail offers additional pivot and bite through sharp turns. The ideal wave range is waist to overhead surf. It could easily be your Small Wave Performance Board, Daily Driver and, for most surfers, your High Performance Shortboard replacement in overhead surf. Recommended for low-level intermediate to pro-level surfers.

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