Hatchet (Flat Deck)
Hatchet (Flat Deck)
Hatchet (Flat Deck)

Hatchet (Flat Deck)

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The Rusty Hatchet is a great board for your everyday surfing. Think of small wave conditions from 2-4ft at your local beachy. Although the Rusty Hatchet is more of a grovel-type board, it still has some high-performance characteristics to keep your surfing fast and fun. This version of the Rusty Hatchet comes as a flat deck, pushing the volume out onto the rails, which adds some forgiveness to the board.

The Rusty Hatchet has:

  • Flat deck, pushing volume out onto the rails
  • Semi-fish board outline, although a bit narrower at the nose and tail
  • Low rocker throughout
  • Single to double concave
  • Slight vee in the tail

The Rusty Hatchet is easy to surf, easy to catch waves and easy on the manoeuvres. If you are searching for something similar, but with a crown deck feeling then take a look at the Rusty Hatchet (Crown Deck) version.

A great everyday board!

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